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Safety rules for the operation of molding machine

    1, comply with the molding machine and core machine general operating rules.
    2 molding machine mold, the top rod must be smooth and synchronization or, otherwise, notify the maintenance personnel to repair.
    3 molding machine pressure real time pressure sand beam rotating frame should be smoothly rotated, don't work too, impact.
    4, the operator must pay attention to whether the mold production and good, the positioning pin outer mold and mandrel are matched.
    5, the operation of other machine staff should focus on ideas.
    6, after the completion of molding machine box, should according to the process requirements, the mould pouring point hanging moved to formulate (line). Neatly, and the pressing iron or clip lock box. Miscellaneous items must be marked mark.

    7, molding machine sand box not stacked too high, generally not more than two meters, the tool must be neatly stacked, prevent the occurrence of accidents. 

    8, using a blowtorch should Caution!, prevent the occurrence of fire, using the lamp must be below 36V low voltage bulb, disable the 220V above the pressure bulb.

    9, molding machine using the driver should first check whether the good spreader, lifting hook fasten chains should be straightened, not inclined hoisting and overload hoisting.
    10, is strictly prohibited in the sand box below mold repair operation. Large sand box box, turn over the pad box must be used square object pad.
Sand box 11, molding machine used must be firmly put to complete without crack and bending phenomenon
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