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The resin sand equipment


      A, resin sand,Molding lineBrief introduction:

  Resin sand production line is composed of magnetic separation belt conveyor, vibration crushing reclaimer, centrifugal rotor secondary secondary sand reclaimer, libraries, bucket elevator (3 sets), move your arms continuous counter blowing sand resin sand mixer, pulse dust catcher equipment.
  Second, the technological process:
  Resin sand production line process: casting, casting sand box and swing by driving into inertia vibrating shakeout machine, after falling sand treatment, casting to shovel workshop, sand box to sand box library. Set aside.Large pieces of cleat, riser by manual sorting, through the shakeout grid sand, sand and small cold iron to magnetic separation belt machine, after magnetic separation to the multifunctional vibration crushing reclaimer for crushing, membrane, screening, after screening sand into 1 # bucket elevator, the elevator up to the rotor of the centrifugal secondary reclaimer for strong regeneration, fully to take off the membrane.Mixed with powder, dust, sand resin membrane regeneration flow sand tank into the flow ceremonies winnowing machine, winnowing machine connected to cyclone dust extractor and the pulse counter blowing dust, powder, dust removal.Reclaimed sand by 2 # bucket elevator up to the sand library. Set aside.Continuous moving arms resin sand sand mixing machine side inlet of pneumatic disc and the sand below the sand mouth is linked together, press the sand mixer electric cabinet after sand button, pneumatic gate automatically opened, and set a good amount of sand into the sand mixer by sand library.Sand in the sand mixer by the spiral piece forward to sand began to end, from the proximal control valve to join the curing agent, the small leaf gathering blends to the back of the proximal valve add resin, into the sand.Curing agent, resin, reclaimed sand sent to the front end of discharging mouth automatically after thoroughly incorporated into the prepared sand used in modelling, the core in the box.This equipment is controlled by imported PLC (programmable controlled) automation performance is remarkable, suitable for resin sand process of small and medium-sized casting enterprise.

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